"Megan and I met by chance on a local social media mom's group - our online meeting was quickly followed by a 'networking' meeting and has since evolved into a collaborative friendship integral to the growth of my small brand Pearl Street Swim.

Megan's roles in both a corporate environment and quick growing direct-to-consumer brand have given her experience that is invaluable to those of us working passionately and tirelessly to develop our brands. Megan jumped right in to help Pearl Street Swim with managing our inventory and created a production planning tool that will be integral to the brand's success this coming season. Not only did Megan create an amazing tool, but she walked me through every step, explanation, excel formula... allowing me to feel invested and empowered within the framework of the business. She's also a trusted creative and we had many a conversation around fabric selection, color stories, etc. Working with Megan has shown me how valuable professional partners and collaborators will be to the success of the brand."

Pearl Street Swim 

"Megan and I worked alongside one another for 6 years as cross-functional partners, her as the Director and eventually Vice-President of Chubbies Merchandising and Planning and myself as her design counterpart.

During our time building the Chubbies Brand, Megan was known as a strategic thinker balancing her strong analytical skills with her keen eye for product and her intense understanding of customer. Additionally, Megan was an incredible manager of a large and complex team. She earned a reputation as a mentor and motivator of people. One of Megan's many strong suit was providing career development advice to those surrounding her. Not only is Megan wickedly intelligent, but she is also hilariously witty and a complete joy to collaborate with and work alongside."


“Megan has over 10 years of experience in the retail industry, including building a successful direct to consumer brand, so it’s no surprise that she’s an incredible thought partner.

No problem is too big for her tackle! Not only is Megan strategic, she’s also able to take execution into account (which can often be the hardest part.) With the opening of our second store, she played a key role in helping us build a monthly inventory reconciliation process so that we could have the visibility we need to make smart decisions that ultimately impact your bottom line. We’re so thankful to have tools like this in place that empower us to drive our business forward. We can only imagine what a nightmare our inventory would be without her help”!

Sweet & Spark